Terms and conditions of use

1.1. Introduction

Welcome to INMURCIA
Sharing the good life!!
The new type of social communication at resorts!!
The main goal of INMURCIA is for its users (hereinafter, “members”) to enjoy the different possibilities in terms of communications and events, in addition to creating their own profiles and groups, all on our website and through our app (hereinafter, the “Platform”). They do so by sharing their opinions, experiences, activities, and enjoying “Good Life” events at resorts through the global INMURCIA community.
By means of the different services and channels that we make available to users on our Platform, residents and visitors/guests can stay informed, express themselves, exchange opinions, share experiences, participate in activities, and much more.
As a member of our Platform, you’ll be able to access all our contents and services (in accordance with your membership type) through the different INMURCIA channels:
– INMURCIA Resorts Magazine
– INMURCIA Encanto Mediterráneo Magazine
– INMURCIA Cultural Club
– INMURCIA Resorts Social Media
These terms and conditions (hereinafter, the “Terms and Conditions”) are meant to govern proper use and operations on the Platform so that everyone can generate content and share it while simultaneously protecting the safety and security of our members.

1.2. Legal Notice
In accordance with applicable law, INMURCIA’s identifying data is detailed below:
– TIN: B-73937427
– Address: C/ Molina de Aragón, 3, 5E, 305000, Molina de Segura, Murcia
– Telephone: 608863904 – Email Address: info@inmurcia.es
– Registry Data: Recorded in the Commercial Registry of Murcia under Volume 3205, Sheet MU-89070, Folio 31.

To be able to access our services and, above all, to allow members to create their own profiles and groups on the Platform (so that they can share their opinions, experiences, and activities with the global INMURCIA community), there are different types of membership plans available when you register.

2.1. Member Registration
To be able to take advantage of all the services and activities on our Platform, you must register as a member by filling out the registration form. A great deal of the contents and services shown on our Platform are exclusively for registered members; therefore, if you do not properly register, you will not be able to enjoy and take advantage of the special services and contents on our Platform.
The information provided during your registration must be truthful, as stipulated by section 3 of these Terms and Conditions.

2.2. Right to Deny Admission
Registration as a member is automatic and allows you to choose a membership plan. Nevertheless, INMURCIA reserves the right to revoke your status as a member without the need to justify said revocation and within the timeframe of 30 days from registration. Once said 30 days have passed, membership status can be unilaterally canceled at any time and all activity from the member’s profile on Resorts Social Media can be deleted. This can be done at the sole discretion of INMURCIA.

2.3. Member Types
2.3.1. Resident:
Members will be considered residents if the address listed on their registration form is any resort in the Murcia region. As residents, members can access the privileges reserved for said membership type, as well as the private “Community Connect” groups for their resort and the private “Resort Resident” groups. Additionally, these members can access special benefits for residents.
Some resident members can also be authorized to act as an INMURCIA ambassador at their resort. This is an honorary title and does not imply any type of occupational or commercial relationship.

2.3.2. Visitor/Guest
Members will be considered visitors/guests if the address listed on their registration form is not a resort located in Murcia. As they are not residents, visitor/guest members from anywhere in the world can access the benefits of the selected membership type and they may also participate in Resorts Social Media and the activities related therewith, with the following limitations: they cannot access private “Community Connect” groups for resorts. These members likewise cannot access the private “Resort Resident” groups (unless they receive an express invitation from the private “Resort Resident” group).

3.4. Membership Plans
Free Membership: At the time when a member registers on our Platform, he/she will automatically become a free member and will be able to access the site without having to pay any amounts – notwithstanding the access fees for specific activities, which must be paid by members if they have a free membership type and are interested in attending a specific activity.
Privilege Membership: Members can upgrade their account to a privileged account. The cost for a privileged account is 9.95 euros per month. This fee is the same for residents and visitors/guests. A privilege member does not have to pay access or participation fees for some activities announced on the Platform. In all cases, for activities that do require a supplemental fee, privilege members will get a better price than those with a free membership plan.
Premium Membership: Members can upgrade their account to a premium account. The cost for a premium account is 19.95 euros per month.
Members with a premium account can access Resorts Magazine and Encanto Mediterráneo Magazine in print format at no additional cost. Likewise, premium members do not have to pay access or participation fees for the great majority of activities announced on the Platform, nor for the exclusive club activities. Nevertheless, there may be some activities that are subject to payment of an access fee for the Premium category.
Contributor Membership: This membership type is reserved for legal entities, companies, and institutions and can only be used after an express invitation from INMURCIA and under a private cooperation agreement.

2.5. INMURCIA Resorts Magazine
INMURCIA Resorts Magazine has exclusive content related with the different resorts both inside and outside of the Murcia region.
Our aim with Resorts Magazine is to offer reports and recommend activities and events for our members.
The frequency with which the magazine is published is set by informational interest and flow.
Members registered on the Platform will have access to all digital versions of Resort Magazine; however, to be able to access the printed version (limited edition), you must be a premium member.

2.6. INMURCIA Cultural Club
The Cultural Club is the place where you can find and share activities, talks, conferences, and events – as well as where you can enjoy the benefits associated with the different membership plans.
The Cultural Club activities have their own conditions depending on the membership type; therefore, it is recommendable for members to read and understand said conditions before signing up for any activities.
Activities and events have limited seats and seats will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis in order of activity registration.
Activities and events depend on the dates that the lecturers or speakers are available; thus, there is no obligation for them to be scheduled each month and they are subject to modifications. Said modifications cannot be considered failure to comply with the contract by INMURCIA.

2.7. INMURCIA Resorts Social Media
INMURCIA RESORTS SOCIAL MEDIA is the private social network for the resorts – a place where members can share their hobbies and lifestyle thanks to the groups that are open to residents and visitors who love the good life. Our social network is also a place where exclusive, private groups can be set up for resort residents.
Our social network aspires to become a global community for resort residents so as to promote and disseminate the virtues of the good life at resorts. The global INMURCIA community will allow members to be connected with each other via their interests and love for the resort lifestyle.

2.7.1. Unique and Personal Experience
The main aim of INMURCIA is for you to enjoy your life at the resorts and the Mediterranean setting of our region as much as possible and, by means of our Platform, we want to help you to get to know more people and enjoy the activities undertaken in the region and at the resorts that are listed on our Platform.
What makes the global INMURCIA community special are the people who are part of it and the desire they have to make the most of their life by taking full advantage of the resorts and natural surroundings of the area.
All of the activities and experiences that we propose to our members via the Platform are activities based on their interests. Members can also connect with friends and organize their own activities, thus making our Platform a secure and totally private means of communication.
In addition, members can personalize the appearance of their profile on the Platform depending upon their interests and tastes, and they can set how their friends’ publications, stories, resort news, and all other INMURCIA communications are shown.

2.7.2. Stay Connected with your Friends and your Interest Groups
By means of the Platform, we help members to stay in touch with all the other people who make up the global INMURCIA community, as they can hold conversations via the Platform, share content that is of interest, photos, stories, and stay up to date on all activities of interest.
As has already been mentioned, our aim is for the global INMURCIA community to grow and for the happiness of our members to grow in turn.
We believe that one of the ways to enjoy not only the Platform but also all the benefits offered by the resorts and their surroundings is for the global INMURCIA community to not only be
extensive but for it to also foster close friendship ties. In this way, not only will members enjoy what we have to offer, but our Platform and business entity will also continue to strive each day to give our all and facilitate interaction amongst our members.
Members can also use the Platform to follow activities and/or news related with their interest groups. In this way, our members will never miss an activity or an event that is going to be held at any of the resorts of the Murcia region.
Not only will members never miss a single activity that may be of interest to them but, in addition, they can use the Platform to share activities with their friends and, in turn, get the best possible turnout.

2.7.3. Discover, Learn, Express Yourself, and Share on INMURCIA
As we have already mentioned, the Platform allows members to discover the activities that are being held or going to be held at the resorts listed on our site.
By means of our Platform, members can share their best photos, experiences, and anecdotes with their friends so as to emphasize the value of the good life and to remain constantly in touch. Likewise, special moments and activities can also be shared via the Platform.
Members have the freedom to express their opinion on the Platform, as well as to share their experiences with their friends – provided their attitude and their comments cannot be considered harmful or offensive to any other members, as stipulated by the Terms and Conditions. To this end, we at INMURCIA are quite committed to offering a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere for all our members; therefore, we do not allow behavior that may put their wellbeing, peace of mind, and security/safety at risk.
At INMURCIA, we have a team that is dedicated to making your only worry be to enjoy your experience with our Platform as much as possible. Therefore, our team will ensure that none of our members can undertake activities that are harmful for others under any circumstances. In the event that we detect inappropriate behavior, and depending upon the case, we will proceed to remove the content deemed to be inappropriate, cancel the account of the member in question, delete and/or block the account, and get in contact with the authorities.
By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you agree to not participate in, support, and/or encourage any behavior and/or activity that may jeopardize the security, safety, and wellbeing of the rest of the members.
In any event, any use of the Platform that may be contrary to these Terms and Conditions is strictly prohibited, as well as undertaking activities or publishing contents that can be deemed illegal, misleading, discriminatory, fraudulent, or that violate any right belonging to other members.
Also considered as a behavior that goes against these Terms and Conditions is any attempt to upload a virus or malicious code, and/or undertaking any action that may jeopardize the Platform’s proper functioning.
Therefore, and in order to ensure the Platform’s proper workings and allow all members to fully enjoy our site, we at INMURCIA reserve the right to delete any type of contents that we deem to be in violation of the provisions set forth in these Terms and Conditions.
So that we can all contribute to the Platform’s proper workings and the development of our community, we have made available a series of mechanisms to our members (alert@inmurcia.es) so that they can report any content or behavior that they consider going against the rights of other members or our Terms and Conditions.
2.8. Gallery
This section is to be used by INMURCIA to upload any photographs taken by INMURCIA staff at the different events and activities organized by INMURCIA.
Additionally, members can submit their photos to gallery@inmurcia.es to be published in this section if the member considers said photos to be of interest to the general community. Having said that, INMURCIA reserves final say on publishing photos in this section.
All images uploaded to the Platform must comply with the requirements described in the section entitled Commitments to INMURCIA and the Community (link). This is also true for the permissions the photo’s author grants to us (link).
2.9. Ongoing Improvement
The INMURCIA team is constantly working to provide members the best possible service and the great value of our social network is that it aims to be a pluralistic reflection of the different resort communities and their way of sharing the good life. Constant improvement is not only thanks to our efforts but also the efforts of the entire global INMURCIA community by means of member activity and participation on the Platform. This activity and participation acts as a guiding light so that our ongoing improvement not only reaches excellence in terms of service quality but also in terms of providing utmost satisfaction as a social community.
If you notice at any time that the Platform is not working the way it should, or if you find an error or see that any of the members is violating the Platform’s Terms and Conditions, you can get in touch with us by means of the following email address: alert@inmurcia.es.
The Platform has been created solely so that members can have fun and be connected with the entire global INMURCIA community.
In order to offer our members excellent service and meet all our obligations, we ask that everyone makes a commitment to us and to the rest of the global INMURCIA community by accepting these Terms and Conditions.
3.1. Who can the Platform be used by?
To join our community and be able to enjoy all the benefits of our Platform, you must meet the following requirements:
– You must be older than 21.
– You cannot have failed to comply with the Terms and Conditions on a previous occasion and said failure to comply cannot have resulted in the removal of your account.
– Applicable law cannot prohibit you from using our services.
– You must provide us with truthful, updated information about yourself.
– You must not have any other previous accounts on our Platform.
– You must commit to being sufficiently diligent so that unauthorized individuals cannot access your account. In the event that you have evidence or indications of an unauthorized third party accessing or trying to access your account, you must notify us as soon as possible.
In any event, if your experience difficulties upon registering and you meet all the aforementioned requirements, you can get in touch with us via the following email address for assistance: info@inmurcia.es.
3.2. Residents
As has been mentioned previously, when members register on our Platform they can be considered residents or visitors/guests depending on the address information that they provide.
Members who, upon registering, list any resort in the Murcia region as their address will acquire “resident" status and have the specific benefits associated with that membership type.
3.3. Visitors/Guests
Members who register but do not list any resort of those which set in the region of Murcia as their home address will be classified as visitors/guests and will have the specific benefits associated with that membership type.
3.4. Obligations on the Platform
Being a member on the Platform will not only allow you to learn about and stay up to date in terms of different events and news but it will also allow you to upload any content that you deem relevant, provided that it helps to emphasize or promote the good life at area resorts and is aimed at sharing with other members. You may also express interest in the activities and/or events undertaken at the different resorts and/or organized by INMURCIA.
3.4.1. Member Integrity
As a member on our Platform, you commit to ensuring that all the information that you upload in relationship with yourself is true and accurate. That is to say, you cannot register a pseudonym or a nickname, or lie about your age, sex, and/or physical appearance. The information that you use to register as a member and/or to fill out your member profile must be true and accurate.
We ask our members to be upstanding and register their true personal data because we believe that this will promote a good environment and a healthy dynamic amongst all those who are part of the Platform.
Likewise, and for the same reason, we thank our members for uploading only content that is real; therefore, we recommend avoiding the spread of fake news or news that could cause confusion, as that could harm other members and the Platform’s accuracy and proper functioning.
We at INMURCIA try to avoid the spread of fake/false contents; however, as a member it is your responsibility and obligation to ensure that all the content that you publish under your name on the Platform is true and accurate.
3.4.2. Behaviors that Are Not Permitted
Just as we want you to enjoy our Platform, we also want other members to be able to enjoy it as well. Therefore, it is extremely important for all of us to follow a series of rules and obligations so that the security and wellbeing of the Platform’s members cannot be put at risk in any way. Therefore, we ask that you please agree to not participate in, encourage, promote, or carry out inappropriate behavior. Therefore, you hereby accept the following limitations:
– Members CANNOT undertake any type of act that is contrary to these Terms and Conditions.
– Members CANNOT publish any type of contents or use the Platform to undertake activities that are considered to be illegal, deceptive, discriminatory, and/or fraudulent.
– Members CANNOT publish any type of contents or use the Platform to undertake any activity that could infringe upon, violate, or endanger other members or any person, or that could be defamatory, vulgar, lewd, profane, hateful or invade the privacy or violate the rights of other members or any person.
– Members CANNOT upload, transmit, store, or make available any software or code that contains a virus, malicious code, malware, or any other component designed to damage or limit the proper functioning of the services offered.
– Members CANNOT block, interfere with, and/or inhibit correct use of the Platform by any other member.
– Members CANNOT access the Platform’s data or collect said data using automated procedures without our prior authorization; likewise, said data cannot be accessed by the INMURCIA staff members unless they are authorized to do so.
– Members CANNOT make any type of statement that could imply an intention to commit a crime against any person and/or institution.
– Members CANNOT publish any type of statement and/or expression that encourages other individuals or members to act violently against a single person, group of persons, place, and/or institution.
– Members CANNOT publish guides or list the steps necessary to build or manufacture any type of illegal object or object classified as a weapon.
– Members CANNOT publish guides or list the steps necessary to join or become a member of any type of organization that encourages radicalized behavior or that undertakes illegal activity.

3.4.3. Language in Comments
Platform members may, at any time, publish comments and opinions for the rest of the members to read and make comments on. Therefore, members may not use any type of language that promotes hate or hate speech, discriminates, or which may make the rest of the members feel uncomfortable. These actions can create an uncomfortable environment on the Platform, fostering a lack of security and safety and a sense of exclusion and intimidation.

At INMURCIA, we consider hate speech or hateful language to be anything that directly attacks people (or could be interpreted as a direct attack to people) due to their race, origin, sexual orientation, gender, religion, etc.
Under no circumstances will censorship be undertaken, as all members may freely give their opinion and make comments – not only in relationship with the activities that take place in the INMURCIA environment but also in relationship with anything that happens on a more global level in terms of resorts. Therefore, members can comment on and provide their opinion about these matters provided that their opinions do not use hate speech or hateful language and that their opinions do not go against the rights, liberties, and integrity of the rest of the members.
What is sought by the global INMURCIA community is for all to be able to give their opinion and express themselves as they feel fit, always bearing in mind that there are other members on the Platform and that not everyone shares the same opinion. Therefore, it is necessary for all interactions on the Platform to be respectful towards others and align with the spirit of INMURCIA of contributing to the good life at resorts, while also having mechanisms in place to ensure the site’s proper workings and the wellbeing of all the global INMURCIA community.
3.4.4. Images
Given the possibility that the members have to upload any images they deem relevant to the Platform so that said images can be shared, we at INMURCIA will not allow any type of image to be uploaded to the Platform if it contains or calls for violence and/or celebrates the suffering or humiliation of others.
Likewise, nude images and/or images which contain sexually explicit content may not be uploaded unless nudity is justified.

3.4.5. Unwelcome Individuals and Organizations
As has been mentioned previously, we at INMURCIA want, and make it a priority, for our members to enjoy their experience on the Platform at all times. Therefore, in a further attempt to avoid and prevent unauthorized activity on the Platform, the following individuals will not be allowed to register and access the Platform:
– Those who are involved in terrorist activities.
– Those who incite hatred.
– Those who have been convicted for any type of illegal activity listed in Spanish criminal code.
Likewise, it will not be permitted for members to use private groups to render homage to, admire, or undertake activities and hold conversations that are related with the following ideas and/or ideologies:
– Organizations that participate, or intend to participate, in premeditated acts of violence against a person, group of people, or institution.
– Organizations that, because of their activities or ideologies, may be considered as terrorist organizations or which preach ideologies that go against those accepted in any Member State of the European Union.
– Any group which is created around an idea, symbol, and/or ideology that includes comments or physical actions attacking individual rights and liberties based upon characteristics like race, sex, nationality, sexual orientation, beliefs, and/or medical circumstances.
Members are not permitted to use the Platform as a means to publish, advertise, or remind of symbols that represent an organization that participates in any of the activities mentioned previously.
Any member or members who use the Platform to disseminate or promote any of the organizations, groups, and/or ideologies mentioned previously will have their account cancelled and may be reported to the authorities who hold jurisdiction over the matter.

3.4.6. Coordination of Harmful Activities
One of the Platform’s aims is for members to stay informed about activities that are to take place in the resorts of the Murcia region. In this way, they will be able to enjoy their stay as much as possible and to be in contact with other members who share their same tastes, hobbies, and interests and who are also at the resorts and the surrounding area.
Nevertheless, as we are committed to preventing any member or person from feeling offended, attacked, or from having their rights and freedoms infringed upon, IT IS NOT PERMITTED to promote criminal activities, activities that are contrary to animal rights, and/or activities that are contrary to companies or institutions.
Members will always be allowed to provide their opinion on activities that have taken place at the region’s resorts, provided that said comments do not encourage violence and do not justify any type of negative action carried out and/or support the cause that brought about said negative actions and/or movements.
For example’s sake (although this is not an exhaustive list), you may not publish, make positive reference to, or defend the following activities:
– Illegal acts against people or animals.
– Illegal fighting, both between animals and people.
– Behaviors that involve violence, theft, vandalism, fraud, scams, kickbacks, or money laundering.
– Traffic of persons, animals, or any substance considered illegal in accordance with the regulations in force at the time in national territory.
– Violence or sexual exploitation of both adults and minors.
– Harassment, bullying, and/or violation of the fundamental rights of others.
We at INMURCIA will also not accept any content on the Platform that may encourage or promote suicide or self-harm. Members are permitted to provide their opinions on suicide and self-harm; however, under no circumstances may they encourage said activities.
Likewise, content that promotes the sexual exploitation of minors or adults will not be tolerated, nor will content that can put the aforementioned groups in danger. In both of these cases, INMURCIA will get directly in touch with the applicable authorities and organizations so as to avoid any type of movement encouraging these activities and to protect any groups or individuals who are at risk of suffering from any type of abuse.

3.4.7. Activities Involving Illegal Products
At INMURCIA, we will not allow our Platform to be used to promote or sell illegal substances. Having said that, because our Platform is accessible to members from around the world, illegal products are to be considered those classified as illegal in accordance with Spanish regulations – as well as based upon our better judgment and upon good practice in general.
Therefore, publications which may encourage members or any other person to use, consume for themselves, and/or sell drugs or firearms –as well as publications promoting animal contraband and the trafficking of people– will be prohibited.

3.4.8. INMURCIA’s Commitment
Here at INMURCIA, we wish to avoid any behaviors by our members that may affect the rights and freedoms of others and which, in turn, have repercussions in real life and in terms of how members interact with the Platform. We have adopted all the measures and procedures necessary to try to detect any comments that may pose a threat or be considered as an attack against members’ rights and freedoms, as well as any comments that may put public safety at risk.
Should such circumstances arise (and depending on the contents of the message and the probability of a real risk for our members or for any other person), said comments will be erased and, depending on the seriousness of the case, the account may be deleted and/or canceled and reported to local authorities.
INMURCIA reserves the right to remove any content that, at its sole discretion, may violate any of the provisions set forth previously. INMURCIA likewise reserves the right to take any other measures deemed necessary.
Additionally, if we consider that the actions undertaken by a member violate these Terms and Conditions, we may not only remove the inappropriate content but also, at our sole discretion, cancel or delete the member account as set forth below (link).
INMURCIA, to the maximum extent possible, will make members aware of published content that, to its better judgment, goes against these Terms and Conditions and general good practice.
In order to help us monitor the Platform, we have created the email address alert@inmurcia.es so that members may report any contents or behaviors that they consider illegal, contrary to good practice, contrary to these Terms and Conditions, and/or which the member believes to violate his/her rights and liberties or any intellectual property rights.

3.4.9. Language
Members agree to use the Platform in English or in Spanish. It is not permitted for comments, news, or any other type of information or opinion to be published in any other language – except for private groups with a specific nationality, in which case these groups must use, in addition to their language, English or Spanish.
The purpose of the Platform is to encourage interaction between the different members. Thus, we believe that communication on the Platform in English or Spanish will help to promote said interaction.
INMURCIA reserves the right to translate or delete any contents published on (or uploaded to) the Platform which have not been drafted in (or translated to) Spanish or English.

3.5. Permissions and Authorizations
As a member of the Platform, you have the right to upload any materials that you wish – provided that said contents do not go against any of the stipulations listed below, and if you agree to the following terms:

3.5.1. Content Ownership
All content that you decide to upload to the Platform as a member belongs to you and under no circumstances will INMURCIA or any employee or person acting on behalf of INMURCIA claim ownership over the content that you have decided to upload to the Platform.
Additionally, as owner of all the intellectual property rights over the materials you upload to the Platform, YOU ARE THE SOLE INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBLE FOR COMPLYING WITH ALL OBLIGATIONS IN TERMS OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AND COPYRIGHT LAW. You may not claim liability against INMURCIA, and you thus agree to hold INMURCIA free and harmless in the event that any contents uploaded to the Platform violate any third-party intellectual property or copyright rights.
Having said that, by uploading content to our Platform, you grant us, in relationship therewith, an international, sublicensable, transferable, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to host, use, distribute, modify, manage, copy, publicly show or display, and create derivative works or undertake advertising and/or marketing campaigns with said uploaded content.
As a member and owner of the content that you upload to the Platform, you may delete said content at any time, thus canceling the aforementioned license. Nevertheless, if your content has been shared by other members or by INMURCIA, said content will continue to be visible to those members with whom it has been shared, as well as being visible in the marketing activities undertaken by INMURCIA if it appears therein.

3.5.2. Permissions
As has been indicated previously, when you upload content to our Platform, you grant us permission to use said content – provided that we comply with all intellectual property and/or copyright rights when we use that content.
Thus, we can use all the content that you upload to the Platform – ranging from multimedia content to public information on your profile (first name, surname, etc.) for any purposes we deem necessary.
Your information will never be used for commercial and/or advertising purposes. You can get more information on the use that we make of your personal data in our privacy policy (hyperlink).

3.6. Group and Event Policy
As has already been mentioned, you can participate in groups, create groups, and create events to be shared with other members and attend those events.
However, it is necessary for the groups and events created to follow the usage rules set forth in these Terms and Conditions so that the entire global INMURCIA community can participate in them and nobody feels left out, discriminated against, and/or feels as though their rights and freedoms have been attacked.
Even if a group created by a member is private, should INMURCIA detect that the group created contains offensive contents or contents that are defamatory in nature, or if said group is about unlawful activities, INMURCIA may proceed to delete it without having to provide prior notice to the members of said group. Additionally, INMURCIA may take any action that it deems necessary to keep this behavior from reappearing – this includes banning the members of said group from the global INMURCIA community.

3.7. Limitations
INMURCIA reserves the right to limit, cancel, and/or suspend your use of the Platform if we believe that you have failed to comply with our Terms and Conditions, the law, good faith, and/or good practices, of if we believe that you are using the Platform for purposes other than those for which it was designed, doing so in a way that could jeopardize the integrity and wellbeing of the global INMURCIA community.

INMURCIA takes all rights and obligations very seriously in terms of intellectual and industrial property. Therefore, as a member, you must respect the following:

4.1. Intellectual Property of Contents Uploaded to the Platform
As the author and owner of all contents uploaded to the Platform, is it your obligation to ensure that all contents which you upload do not violate any rights and/or obligations in terms of
intellectual property – and you should likewise ensure that you are duly authorized to upload said contents to the Platform.

4.2. INMURCIA’s Intellectual Property Rights
INMURCIA is (and will always be) the only owner of all intellectual property rights in relationship with its proprietary Platform.
Thus, any computer applications created, developed, modified, or undertaken by INMURCIA are to belong exclusively thereto, with INMURCIA therefore being considered the author of said applications for all pertinent purposes purposes in accordance with the stipulations in Article 97 of the Consolidated Text of the Intellectual Property Law.
Use of the Platform by the members does not imply the acquisition of any type of intellectual property rights in relationship with the Platform’s design, structure, compilation, source code, and –in general– anything directly or indirectly related with the software generated for the Platform’s correct use; this includes any future modifications and updates.
Likewise, INMURCIA reserves all rights in terms of the contents protected by intellectual or industrial property law which are made available through our Platform and/or our services. As has been mentioned, the member is the sole owner of the intellectual property rights over the contents that he/she uploads to the Platform; however, INMURCIA is to be the owner of any trademarks, logos, or any other characteristic INMURCIA elements made available to members.