About Us





INMURCIA, a new way of communicating and sharing the good life in the resorts.

We are a social media channel for sharing information, spreading news and promoting the good life and leisure in the resorts.

Through our different channels (Resorts Magazine, News, Encanto Mediterraneo Magazine, Cultural Club and Resorts Social) residents and visitors will not only receive information, but also be able to express opinions, share experiences and take part in activities as well as participate in the lifestyle and leisure networks, open to all members of INMURCIA, and propose private residents’ networks.

INMURCIA is a place to meet both physically and virtually thanks to its different social media channels, whether at home in the resort or away, it will accompany you wherever you go.


RESORTS MAGAZINE will include articles on Resorts from around the world and interesting content (news, reports, lifestyle, sports, travel etc.) on life in the local resorts.

TRAVEL, a place to journey to different parts of the world including Spain and the Region of Murcia.

NEWS will feature news items of interest to the different resorts.

ENCANTO MEDITERRANEO MAGAZINE is a new way of discovering the influence this beautiful enclave, the “Mediterranean”, has on life here through a variety of excellent feature articles.

CULTURAL CLUB, a space to meet and share the activities organised by the Cultural Club, talks, conferences, events and enjoy the advantages of the different types of membership.

RESORTS SOCIAL is a place to enjoy hobbies and lifestyle through networks open to residents and visitors. Suggestions regarding private networks for the residents of the resorts are welcome.